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The Versatility of Euro Cylinder Locks

How versatile are Euro Cylinder locks? The most popular means of locking today’s modern homes and commercial buildings is down the versatility of Euro Cylinder Locks. Their popularity is not only with locksmiths but door manufacturers as well. So, how versatile are Euro Cylinder Locks? The cylinder can be changed without altering the hardware, this […]

The Strength of Mortice Locks

The strength of Mortice locks is an advantage when it comes to securing your property Mortice locks are a lot more stronger and secure than a bored cylindrical lock. Ironically, the strength of Mortice locks when initially installing it, can weaken the structure of a typical wooden door. This is offset however, because if you […]

The Vulnerabilities of the Euro Cylinder Lock

The Vulnerabilities of the Euro Cylinder Lock They’ve been around a long time and are very popular, but there are issues with the security of the Euro locks. The main vulnerabilities of the Euro Cylinder Lock is their susceptibility to Lock Picking and Lock Snapping. So what’s being done around improving the safety of the […]

The Advantages of the Yale Lock System are Down to Versatility and Design

The advantages of the Yale Lock system are down to versatility and design The Yale Lock system is commonly known as a pin tumbler lock. The advantages of using the Yale Lock system makes them popular with Locksmiths and property owners alike. One of the reasons they are so popular with the Locksmith industry is […]

A Brief History of the Mortice Lock

We take a look at the brief history of the Mortice lock Mortice locks have been in use since the mid 18th century as part of the door’s hardware system. So where did it all begin? Historically, the Mortice lock was only ever extensively used in the most lavish rooms of the most expensive houses. […]

The History of the Yale Lock

The history of the Yale lock Yale lock history has a very British flavour, although its origins are very much over the pond in America. It was the Yale family who invented the Yale Lock, which is essentially a pin tumbler lock. Along with Henry R Towne, it was Linus Yale, Jr. who invented the […]

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We are a family business established in 1980, Stephen is DBS checked and a member of the Association of Accredited Locksmiths. We are a local company based in Rotherham.


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